Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HomeSeeker Center Launches New Web Portal

www.HomeSeekerCenter.com Subject: HomeSeeker Center Launches a Web Portal designed to Building Market Awareness for Distressed Property Sales and to Help Those at Risk of Losing Their Home. About HomeSeeker Center: Home Seekers Center (HSC) announced today that it has launched a new Real Estate Web Portal dedicated to Connect Buyers and Sellers and to help Buyers find properties that represent the Very Best Deals in Real Estate in the Puget Sound Area. HSC is in the process of aggregating all available Distressed Property Sales, New Construction Homes, Banked Owned Property and Auctions (Coming Soon) in one convenient location. For Real Estate Agents, Builders, Banks, Lenders and Home Sellers, HSC provides an effective resource to build market awareness and gain the necessary exposure to accelerate sales momentum. The Company Founder, Don Sieb, has extensive experience in online marketing of real estate properties, Lead Management and in website development for Builders and Developers. Sieb believes, “listing homes on MLS services alone does not create the visibility one needs to capture sufficient numbers of interested prospects”. Just like Search Engines, if a search is not shown near the top of the list… the information available just isn’t viewed. In the paper industry this is referred to as below the fold. Yard Signage can help but is extremely limited as a potential buyers needs to drive by the property and limits buyers to a very local market. HomeSeeker Center offers a number of optional marketing services designed to increase awareness of properties that need to get sold. Buyers: Today’s savvy consumers know that opportunities abound in this volatile real estate market and HomeSeeker Center has designed its web portal to facilitate an online community of consumers who want to know the facts about what is happening in ones local market. HSC provides access to “Market Watch” designed to keep interested parties informed about local real estate trends and facts. The company encourages interested parties to visit its Community Blog, Puget Sound Real Estate and interact with a community of people interested in “What’s Happening in your Local Real Estate Market”. http://homeseekercenter.blogspot.com/ Sellers: In these tough economic times record numbers of homeowners are falling behind on their mortgage payments. HomeSeeker Center has assembled a number of Free Reports and Links to various legitimate resources designed to provide the most current information to help Homeowners understand options available to them for loan modification programs and tips on how to avoid and prevent foreclosures. HomeSeeker Center specializes in difficult home sale situations. To Learn More: Please visit the company’s website at: http://www.homeseekercenter.com/ or if you have questions, comments or properties you would like to list on this new site, please give Don a call at 425-931-4665 or email him at don@homeseekercenter.com.

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