Saturday, October 17, 2009

King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties, WA. Discounted New Construction Homes and Condos…Special Financing and Other Buyer Incentives Offered by Builder

By: Don Sieb HomeSeeker Center has compiled a list of new construction homes and condos most not shown on MLS, where the builder’s and lender have teamed up to move standing inventory. These properties have been discounted to reflect current market values and the construction Lender is extending incentives to help their client get these properties sold. Special Bank Financing Available…includes: Together these financing incentives can total $20,000! • Low down payments (3.5-5%) • Mortgage interest rates as low as 3.5% based on buyers qualifications • No mortgage insurance • Up to 3% credit to buyer to apply toward closing cost • Condo Financing available without 50% of the homes being sold • “Jumbo Loans” Available based on amount financed by Buyer “It is refreshing to see the Lender work closely with their builders to help both the builder and lender prevent foreclosure”, says Don Sieb, Managing Director of HomeSeeker Center. With fewer buyers in the market and standing inventor of new homes still remaining high, many builders have been forced to turn their development projects back to the lender. When this happens it continues downward pressure of home values. HomeSeeker Center (HSC) compiled a list of over 400 eligible properties in King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties in over 30 cities in the Puget Sound area. To learn more please contact us. (HSC) specializes in distressed property sales…Connecting Buyers and Seller. (HSC) is a one stop resource that provides information about local market conditions and to find properties that are priced well below current market value in the Puget Sound Area. Buyers can expect to save thousands of dollars on distressed property sales. HSC aggregates all available Distressed Property Sales, New Construction Homes, and Banked Owned Property and Building Lots in one convenient location. We are adding additional properties daily so please check back frequently.

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